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Messrs. Bennett Chan & Co., Solicitors is founded on a strong and experienced professional team. I have been heavily involved in the civil engineering field since 1989 and I was responsible for new town development and infrastructure projects. My years of practice in this field has allowed and enabled me to specialize in construction claims and arbitration. In addition, my professional team had in the past managed and served more than 2,000 cases of commercial clients by means of one-stop annual retainer services, which cases include drafting and approval of commercial agreements and more than 1,000 cases of intellectual properties, trademark and patent registrations.


We use our best endeavors to serve all commercial clients both in Hong Kong and in the People's Republic of China by our tailor made one-stop commercial service plans, assist our clients to resolve all commercial dispute and business matters, thus allowing business opportunity to be captured more efficiently, expedite business development, and allowing our clients to concentrate in developing their business.

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Bennett Chan & Co., Solicitors

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